Hasbiotech, a member of IEIS and Biotechnological Pharmaceutical Platform…

Our company is a member of IEIS (Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey), which was founded in 1964 and which focuses on improving working conditions in pharmaceutical industry, making contributions to the development of health policies, and realizing many other fundamental objectives as such, at the same time contributing to the industry in general, as of January 3, 2017. Having acquired the vision of marketing the domestic molecule to be discovered in Turkey by Turkish specialists throughout the world, our company wishes to express its appreciation for being given the opportunity to contribute to the activities of IEIS.

Within the scope of our cooperation with IEIS, our Company has also been a member of “Biotechnological Pharmaceutical Platform of Turkey”, constituted by pharmaceutical firms, either members or non-members of IEIS, under the coordination of IEIS. We strongly believe that Biotechnological Pharmaceutical Platform of Turkey will conduct studies focusing on developing and producing biotechnological drugs in Turkey as well as facilitating patients’ access to these drugs, and at the same time improving the overall economy by reducing foreign trade deficit.


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