Our Director General, Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı, takes part in CPhI Istanbul 2015 as speaker

Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı, our Director General and the Chairman of Pharmacovigilance Association gave a speech during the CPhI Istanbul Exposition that was held on 3-5 June 2015 in Istanbul Congress Center and attended by over 200 companies. Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı indicated that CPhI is one of the most significant pharmaceutical organizations worldwide and remarked that the fact that the exposition is being organized in Turkey for the second time is an indicator of Turkey’s importance. In his speech titled “A 360º Tour in the Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector”, Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı assessed the legal regulations concerning pharmaceuticals as well as current and past pharmaceutical policies in Turkey. In addition, during his interview, Dr. Dağıstanlı also attracted attention to “immunotherapy” that constitutes one of the most significant developments in the field of international healthcare and said that this method allowing treatment by way of the immune system suddenly become an instant success in parallel with the development of biotechnology. Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı added, “It’s everyone’s dream, fantasy to develop a preventive vaccine against cancer. Recently, we had some promising developments regarding cancer therapy in the field of immune-oncology. To ensure that the cancer vaccine is useable by healthy people, it is not sufficient to administer several doses, we must make sure that it does not cause any damage for at least ten years. Thus, it is imperative to wait not from a medical but also from a legal viewpoint”.

In his speech titled “Healthcare and Biotechnology in Cuba” and delivered during the same organization, the Cuban Ambassador Alberto Gonzales Casals talked about the healthcare system in Cuba and the accomplishments in the fields of biotechnological product development and production. In his interview, Ambassador Casals indicated that the biotechnology journey that has begun in 90’s in Cuba is not continuing with 42 products patented worldwide. Alberto Gonzalez Casals also remarked that novel products yielded successful results in the treatment of many types of cancer.

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