The Sales and Marketing Meeting of Hasbiotech was held on June 1-2.

The “Sales & Marketing” training meeting organized for the sales team was held between June 1 and 2, 2017 in Hilton Kozyatağı this year. Dr. Kenan Mortan, Academic Member and Economic Policy Professor of EISTI – Paris, participated in the meeting as a speaker and referred to the following subjects in his speech:

 “… As we see, when DÜNYA newspaper investigated “9 Most Important Issues of Turkey” (01.06.2017), it excluded “Health”. It is not included because health has now become an integral part of the human; moreover, defense and health expenditures have become 2 natural and indisputable parameters in the budget. As such, it has not made the work of the health sector easier, but more difficult. This is because peoples’ level of expectations has risen. It has gone far beyond the simple logic of “Gripin” medicine, consumed in every sphere of life, from malaria treatment to family planning. Drug manufacturing by patenting or paying royalties has come to end in our country. It is quite difficult to proceed in this century with drug manufacturing licenses obtained from around the world, which is the distinguishing characteristic of a health sector constituting up to 7-8% (70-75 billion dollars) of the national income. 

How do I define “…Hasbiotech”?

It was during a meeting or conversation when I and, Phar. Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı came together.

I remember asking him: Are you planning to manufacture generic drugs to make a difference in the market? 

The answer was “No, we aretrying to maintain a stance that will make us a global actor in 2023 at the latest, by innovation in an original molecule…”.

Let’s face it, neither I nor Turkey is accustomed to hearing such words. 

Being a global actor means receiving certificates from health authorities including, primarily Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, as well as FDA and EMA. Such approval also includes selling a drug (or drugs) in international markets. It may be an ambitious target, but as stated by Olof Palme, one of the prime ministers of Sweden, “Utopias are not pole stars to watch, but they are there to be accomplished.”.

“… Marketing is a job that may be performed by virtually anyone in some way or another. The best criterion in this regard is determined by Philip Kotler (born in 1931), father of sub-branch of marketing, if a discipline such as this exists: “It is not important how you do marketing, but how you do marketing based on a marketing strategy defined by a foundation!” 

Although not frequently experienced in our country, the Hasbiotech family, which, as I found out, was created with the synergy of 15 members of 6 families, aims at being a global actor in at least one medicine, with an export target of 1 billion dollars in a predictable future. When it comes to a foundation of such size, it is required to highlight the corporate identity of Hasbiotech, instead of door-to-door drug marketing.  

 Innovative applications require a mission, like the decision of NASA to set foot on the moon in 1961, and it takes a missionary to perform a mission. Therefore, pharmaceutical representatives of Hasbiotech must act like a “frontiersman” with responsibility, rather than just having “representative” identities.

“… Cuba, with which technology cooperation in drug manufacturing has been made, adds another dimension to the business!”.  Cuba is categorized into an “underdeveloped country”.

Is it so?

It is a “developed country” that we talk about here, which has exported – no, you have not misread, which has exported, not imported – 30,000 physicians to 60 countries since 1963; which obtained 51 original drug licenses between 1991 and 2008; whose national income is only one-twelfth of that of our country and income per capita is $6000, and yet the life expectancy is 80 years of age; and which ranked in the top 20 medal list of Summer Olympic Games.

Cuba sets a perfect example that the shallow understanding which suggests that economic development is only represented by income per capita has to be abandoned.  

In this context, Cuba, with which Hasbiotech aims to make technological cooperation, is an ideal example. In my opinion, it is the right address to knock the door.

The “Cooperation Agreement on Intellectual and Industrial Property” signed by Cuba and Turkey in 1996 is in fact a perfect example showing how politics can produce positive effects when done properly and efficiently.

“… Place of investment, was it Kayseri?”

Kayseri has never ceased to amaze Turkey with examples of investment…  During the 40s, the Airplane Factory (the so-called Tayyare Fabrikası) of Kayseri was launched with the goal of building planes and advanced successfully in the work; however, during the 50s, when Marshall Plan was in effect, this factory was shut down, turning into “Aircraft Maintenance”. “Airplane Factory” is an exemplary incident for the investors in Kayseri… Hacı Ahmet Hamdi Gül, the deceased father of Mr. Abdullah Gül, the 11th President of Turkey, was one of the lathe foremen of this factory manufacturing airplanes.

The “Hacılar Industrialization” founded in 80s, when industry was in a bottleneck in Kayseri, is a milestone in economy in itself. It is so important that it was the subject of a doctoral dissertation in METU.

Eventually, the fondness of people who live in Kayseri is known for “establishing a company”, rather than “gossiping”, which is our national sports, when two people come together in Kayseri.

In this regard, albeit lesser known, Erciyes University is one of the first and best examples of university-industry cooperation in Anatolia. It is for sure that Hasbiotech, which has designated Kayseri OSB (Organized Industrial Zone) as the investment place, will somewhat make use of this intellectual infrastructure. Apart from these, Hasbiotech, which will be launched in Kayseri and manufacture original drugs, or to put it more precisely, which will serve as a biotechnology base rather than producing biosimilar drugs, will provide the people and investment world of Kayseri with the well-deserved “right to be proud”.

As the Frankish saying goes “To foresee the future is to take part in its creation”. It is natural that the manufacture family of Hasbiotech, which aims to play a role in biotechnology via innovation in 2023, will succeed in this creation process. When the set goal is right, their route will only lead to achievement of this target; as for me, I wish them “Have a good journey!”.

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