Two Renown Cuban Scientists came to Antalya for the 17th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium under the sponsorship of Hasbiotech

The level of participation was quite high at the international symposium held with the main theme “Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: Innovations, Therapeutic Facilities and Technological Developments”. Cuban scientist Ernesto Lopes Mola, who attended the congress under the sponsorship of our company and made a presentation, provided information about the “Biotechnological Industry” of Cuba. Another Cuban scientist Jorge Berlanga-Acosta shared the developments related to the “Biotechnological Industry of Cuba” in detail. There were also 4 industry sessions on different issues at the 17th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium where the parties in relation to the issues gathered together.

The representatives of the Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK), Social Security Institution (SGK), Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), European Union Commission, Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AİFD), Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Turkey (TİSD) and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey (İEİS) as well as the senior executives of the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies including Hasbiotech and more than 60 local and foreign guest speakers attended the symposium.

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