World-wide quality award to Hasbiotech opening to the world from Kayseri…

Thanks to its contribution to “Leadership”, “Quality”, “Innovation” and “Excellency” principles, the Turkish firm Hasbiotech has been granted “2016 International Quality Award” which is accepted as the most prestigious quality award in the world. Having received the award in Frankfurt within a ceremony attended by international leaders, Hasbiotech has been a source of pride for our country.

Business Initiative Directions(BID), which leads the creation of quality culture in the world, gives awards every year in the categories of “Gold”, “Diamond” and “Platinum” under the name of ‘International Arch of Europe Awards’ to the leading institutions that attach importance to quality in their own fields and operate in 117 countries.  BID Award Committee finalised the candidate determination process lasting for months by means of taking the opinions of esteemed institutions such as universities, chambers of commerce and embassies, and the Turkish firm Hasbiotech has been deemed worthy of “International Quality Award” in “Gold” category for 2016, which is accepted as the most prestigious quality award of the world.

International Quality Awards, granted for the 29th time this year, have found their owners with participation of 72 countries in InterContinental Frankfurt Congress Hall. BID President Jose E. Priedo presented the award of Hasbiotech, which has shown the success of opening to the world from Kayseri, to Dr. Buğraer Aslan representing the company as Oncology Sales & Marketing Manager

Dr. Buğraer Aslan, in his speech during the ceremony participated by international leaders, stated that Hasbiotech, which has accepted a global and innovative approach as a mission, is preparing to be a world actor in medicine sector thanks to its development activities. Stating that many innovative projects have been developed with lots of countries, primarily Cuba, Dr. Buğraer Aslan said “One of our most important targets is to market domestic molecule medicine developed in Turkey by Turkish experts to the world. As Hasbiotech, we are proud of being awarded with “International Quality Award 2016” which is the most prestigious quality award in the world. It shows that we are on the true way and progressing with sound steps”.

Founded in 2009 in order to operate in the field of biotechnology, Hasbiotech is the youngest and the most dynamic firm of HAS Group. HAS Group founded in 1989 by 100% local capital in Kayseri in order to manufacture steel cables; it provides service in numerous sectors today, from energy to construction, from furniture to automotive within 100 regions in 5 continents. Moreover, 4 companies included in HAS Group are among 500 largest industrial institutions of Turkey, determined by İstanbul Chamber of Commerce. Hasbiotech, which has shown the success of receiving International Arch of Europe Award” in “Gold” category, exhibits its difference with its foundation by 100% local capital in the medicine sector that is generally under monopoly of multi-national companies. Focusing in special fields, Hasbiotech cares for unsatisfied needs in medicine; it has attracted the attention with treatment of chronic injuries due to diabetes, therapeutic vaccine in lung cancer, diagnostic kit in Oncology, products preventing death due to myocardial infarction in Cardiology.

The “International Quality Award” given to Hasbiotech by BID this year was given to the important and big companies in Turkey such as Doğuş Holding, Abdi İbrahim Medicine, Garanti Yatırım in various categories.

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