Hasbiotech and Recombio executed a partnership agreement.

Hasbiotech has executed a partnership agreement RECOMBIO, a Spanish company specializing in the immunotherapy of cancer and chronic viral diseases. Operating investigation centers in various countries, RECOMBIO has been reflecting its experience in the field of chronic viral diseases on its studies on immunotherapy options in cancer during the last decade. Setting out to treat cancer and chronic viral diseases throughout the world, RECOMBIO and Hasbiotech will be cooperating in the coming years in order to carry out new investigations in these fields and to make drugs accessible worldwide.

The Thrill of First Ever Domestic Molecule in Pharmaceutics

Sabah 04.03.2014 

The rapid growth trend experienced in recent years is encouraging Turkish companies to invest in areas under the monopoly of giants. Taking heart from this fact, Has Group of Kayseri decided to embark on the road to molecule production that is currently under the control of international companies. The investment is led by toxicology specialist Dr. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı. The work that has first been initiated 5 years ago within the structure of Hasbiotech will be yielding results upon the commissioning of the site investment. This 20-million Euro investment in Kayseri will lead the way for the discovery of a molecule for Hepatitis C therapy for which no vaccine is currently available worldwide. Dr. Dağıstanlı stated that they are well ahead of their competitors in terms of Hepatitis C molecule production and that they will be capable of producing the vaccine in near future.


Adding that the vaccine has a very high potential, Dr. Dağıstanlı stated: “The market for Hepatitis C vaccine has a magnitude of 35 million doses. We will be unrivalled in this field. Each dose will be sold for 100 dollars. When we multiply this by 5, we have a market of 175 million doses. We are very close to get a result”. Seyfullah Dağıstanlı remarked that they are also working on an anti-cancer drug.

Turkey’s First Ever Biotechnology Base

We will soon be laying the foundations for our biotechnological manufacturing site that will be constructed over 30 thousand square meters in Kayseri. Our aim for this site that will cost about 20 million Euros is to manufacture an original medicinal product from molecular synthesis for the first time in Turkey. When this project is put into practice, Kayseri will become a biotechnology base.

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